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The Empress of the Major Arcana tarot cards represent power over one's life, dominion over growing things, initiative, and productivity of the subconscious. They are creators of life, art, and romance. The Empress has a strong connection to femininity in ways of elegance, sensuality, and nurturing. They seek to create beauty in life that can interact with their senses to experience deep fulfillment. Additionally, they gain energy from a lifestyle of comfort and luxuries funneled through their surroundings, while maintaining the germination of ideas and passions. The Empress card of the major arcana translates to the Aries zodiac sign, where Aries represents authority, strength, preparedness, and steeled instincts. They are bold and ambitious with a distinct impulsivity as a byproduct of their creativity. The fiery Aries can be categorized as a type four-person according to the Enneagram test. Type-fours, the Individualist, have a relentless drive for authenticity, want to be seen, and express themselves through creativity is essential to them. They are compassionate people because they are in touch with their emotions. Such original thinkers have prominent artistic outlets and a strong sense of identity. Individualists' deepest fears are being fundamentally flawed missing out on happiness others have access to. Of 16Personalities traits, the most compatible with the Individualist is the ISFP personality. ISFPs, or the Adventurer, have open minds to approaching life. Their eagerness and curiosity coupled with their humility makes them remarkably flexible people.

Examples of the Empress:

Frida Kahlo

Billie Eilish


Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Joni Mitchell

Bob Dylan



Stevie Nicks

Johnny Depp

Winona Ryder

Sylvia Plath

Prince Charles

Amy Winehouse

Kurt Cobain

“Anne Shirley” (Anne of Green Gables)

“Rapunzel” (Rapunzel)

“Luna Lovegood” (Harry Potter)

“April Ludgate” (Parks and Rec)


Sasha’s goal was to showcase stability and maturity in an outfit and capture a timeless energy that is graceful while powerful, almost like an acrobat or a gymnast, captured right in the moment. She wanted a look to remind her there's strength in femininity. Our mission was to demonstrate the ability to show yourself to the world and be vulnerable as an artist and a woman.