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The Justice of the Major Arcana tarot cards represents temperance and strength. Someone who embodies Justice values equity, rightness, and integrity. They believe in a balance between intuition and logic while seeking community with others accountable for their actions. Their sense of truth and fairness is accompanied by compassion, so it is not black and white. The Justice translates to the Libra zodiac sign. Libras are great mediators who aspire to introduce and maintain harmony in their environment. They believe in the principles of karmic justice. Libra’s go hand in with 16Personaities ENTP-A, the Debator. Debators are extroverted, intuitive, and prospecting curious minds who enjoy spirited debate. The ENTP-A personality falls under the Enneagram type six category, the Skpetic; people seeking to gain security while avoiding risks. They are alert and work hard to protect their inner circle. Some of their prominent traits include good management and being detail-oriented.

Examples of The Justice:

Mark Twain

George H.W. Bush

Joe Biden

Prince Harry

Marilyn Monroe

Woody Allen

Richard Nixon

Jennifer Aniston

Kristen Stewart

Mindy Kaling

Michael Moore

Julia Roberts

Sarah Jessica Parker

Rush Limbaugh

Ellen Degeneres

David Letterman

Tom Hanks

David Sedaris

“Hamlet” (Hamlet)

‘Ron Weasley” (Harry Potter)

“Mulan” (Mulan)

“Dwight Schrute” (The Office)

“Ben Wyatt” (Parks and Rec)

“Dre Johnson” (Blackish)


Jaidyn falls under all these categories. A big emphasis of Jaidyn’s during the design process was synthesizing Jaidyn’s love for basics and his easygoing trend-following nature while incorporating his love for fantastical media; e.g. anime. Eastern fashion was a pillar for Jaidyn’s dream look, but his style isn’t very gaudy. Establishing that balance was the key to the Justice.