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The Star of the Major Arcana tarot cards represents inspiration, hope, courage, and enlightenment of one's spiritual self. After enduring many challenges, the Star understands the core essence of who they are and their beliefs. They are closely in tune with their sense of self and the energy of their environment. Their primary objective is to maintain their alignment in a stage of peace, and mental stability, allowing themselves space to dream and construct their ideal lives. These are the traits of an Aquarius. Aquarians live according to their rules and feel rivaled when outside pressures trample on their creativity and idealism. They surmount hardship by connecting their faith and innermost selves. The creation of new beginnings is a goal and commonplace for Aqurians, the Star, and 16Personalities ENFP-A, the Campagainer. They are free spirits who are outgoing and openhearted. Their upbeat persona runs deep, enabling them to easily connect with others. There is a magic to everyday life with them. The Enneagram type eight, the Challenger, overlaps with the Campagainer. Type eights are not afraid to subvert societal rules, are assertive, goal-oriented, and stand up for the weak. Challengers use their fierce confidence, self-sufficiency, passion, and stubbornness to be independent and in control while rejecting institutions that restrict them.

Examples of the Star:

Kamala Harris

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Clint Eastwood

Serena Williams

Winston Churchill

Barbara Walters

Ernest Hemingway

Queen Latifah

Roseanne Barr

Bernie Sanders

Aretha Franklin

Chelsea Handler

Mark Cuban


Nick Cave

Toni Morrison

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alec Baldwin

“Rhett Butler” (Gone With the Wind)

“Katniss Everdeen” (The Hunger Games)

“Merida” (Brave)

“Emily Gilmore” (Gilmore Girls)

“Esmeralda” (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

“Alastor Moody” (Harry Potter)


Ell wanted to show movement in her look. Experimenting with androgyny is a crucial point of her style that we worked to capture. A silhouette that’s curvy and compliments an athlete while having the comfort of bagginess was what we chose to accomplish. Her aesthetic is 90s grunge and her favorite colors include black, orange, and camo green. We decided to have the distribution of color follow the 70 20 10 rule.