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The Hierophant of the major arcana tarot cards, one able to bridge heaven and hell, represents wisdom, servitude, and mercy. One who embodies the Hierophant values tradition and a lifestyle of  ‘tried and true’.  The Hierophant finds themselves a mentor of spiritual awareness in a structured way, instilling core principles and traditions in others. For them, merit is the best predictor of success. An extension of the Hierophant into the zodiac taxonomy has the tarot card emulated as the Taurus sign, symbolizing being steadfast, tenuous, and reliable. A Taurus sign falls under the Enneagram category of type one, the Perfectionist. A type one person likes to do things the correct way and uphold a high standard. They are rigid in decisions and straightforward in conversation. Perfectionists fear being morally flawed and strive to be good and honorable. Type ones make up 10% of the population. Of 16Personalities traits, the ISTJ-T Logistician embodies the aforementioned traits wholly. The Logistician is introverted and observant in addition to the previous traits. They have a strong sense of integrity and crave structure. Without it, they feel chaos whereas others feel freedom.

Examples of The Hierophant:

Martha Stewart

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Michelle Obama

Nelson Mandela

Gwyneth Paltrow

Tina Fey

Mahatma Gandhi

Captain “Sully” Sullenberger

Steve Jobs

Margaret Thatcher

Eleanor Roosevelt

Hillary Clinton

Meryl Streep

Elizabeth Warren

Kate Middleton

Brene Brown

Jane Fonda

Emma Watson

"Mary Poppins” (Mary Poppins)

“Hermione Granger” (Harry Potter)

“Ned Stark” (Games of Thrones)

"Steve Rogers” (Captain America)


Dane identifies with the Hierarchy and his look symbolizes his characteristics and values. He marks significant changes in his maturity by altering teh products he uses and clothes he wears to mark growth. Vintage clothing and the pre-2000s aesthetic is where he pulls inspiration from for his dress. During the co-design process, he wanted to find his own style within that aesthetic without being lost to repetition or treading too safely.