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The Wheel of Fortune of the Major Arcana tarot cards represents destiny, fortune, and success; the ability to change one's station or one's life. Those who embody the Wheel of Fortune live in a state of constant change. The waves and troughs remind them that life will inevitably get better, with good luck making its return in time. They expect change, and in turn, are prepared for a return to normal following success, enabling them to cherish moments of bliss and make the most of what they have. These optimists believe ‘what goes around comes around’ and act accordingly. The Wheel of Fortune corresponding zodiac sign is the Capricorn sign. Capricorns live life like there is no tomorrow with the fear of regret. Putting an end to a cycle of monotony and the mundane encompasses the desires of Capricorns. 16Personalities ESTP-A personality, the Entrepreneur, overlaps with the traits exhibited by Capricorns. They are extraverted, energetic, and action-oriented. Entrepreneurs are daring people who tread in the eye of the storm and disfavor regimented institutions like schools. The ESTP-A personality corresponds to the Enneagram type seven, the Enthusiast. They are relentlessly optimistic and eager to get the most out of life. Their infectious positive energy often makes them the center of attention. Enthusiasts have many hobbies and chase new experiences.

Examples of the Wheel of Fortune:

Elton John

John F. Kennedy

Miley Cyrus

Britney Spears

Russell Brand

Katy Perry

Tiffany Haddish

Sacha Baron Cohen

Robin Williams

Jim Carrey

Cameron Diaz

Eddie Murphy

Richard Branson

Steven Spielberg

Conan O'Brien

Andy Samberg

Ted Danson

Elizabeth Taylor

Lil Nas X

“Peter Pan” (Peter Pan)

“Fred & George Weasley” (Harry Potter)

“Detective Jake Peralta” (Brooklyn 99)

“Moana” (Moana)


Cherie’s objective during teh design process was to make something easily adaptable to her on-the-go lifestyle as a blogger, student, and woman. She wanted something comfortable while being sexy, and that could hug her body specifically. The nature of the fabric, cut, and color all were chosen to spotlight Cherie.